Professional fine art prints, USB drives, digital files, albums, wood wall art, metal prints and wall art, canvas gallery wraps and other photo products are available in collections and a la carte. All of these products are not included in the session fee.  Please e-mail or call for pricing information.  

We highly recommend printing with us as we can not guarantee the quality (resolution, color correction, and print quality) when you print with a company other than us. We have seen it way to many times where clients will go to Walmart, Costco, CVS, or some Groupon they use to print their photographs and the color was off or the picture looks pixelated and blurry. Its worth the investment to print with our professional labs! 

We know what your thinking... Digitals are not included? What? We at Katrina Elaine Photography feel that we would be doing you a huge disservice offering digitals for free. The whole point of getting pictures done is to have them printed to give to family and have to fill your house with. Along with having a physical and tangible object such as a print instead of a digital file.  How many of you have gotten pictures done in the past and the digitals are still sitting on your desktop? Furthermore how many of you have not backed up your digital files on a hard drive or cloud? We would venture to guess that a lot if not all of you have not gotten those pictures printed or backed up for safe keeping. We have made some pretty awesome collections of prints and wall art that will make this process easy for you! It was hard enough to find time in your busy life to get the pictures taken in the first place! Let us get the printing taken care of for you! Here is our blog post that further explains the whole reasoning behind not offering digitals! Click here! 



We are excited to work with you! 

Katrina started out in photography with film in the darkroom. She has carried that film look through to her digital fine art portraits, documenting Kansas City locals. Creating heirlooms that families will cherish for generations to come! Katrina has had several gallery showings in  Kansas City's notable First Fridays galleries and has participated in art festivals for her fine art series "Adventures in Celluloid". Katrina has completed 12 formal photography classes and continues to take local photography classes to stay up to date on photography techniques. She loves building a relationship wIth her clients and watch their families grow!